Is Your Relationship Like Congress? 6 Ways toBreak The Deadlock!


Is Your Relationship Like Congress?  6 Ways toBreak The Deadlock!
Learn what you (and Congress) can do to break the deadlock in in your relationships. It can be done!

Now that the elections are behind us and we are looking forward to the New Year, we patiently wait with anticipation on how Congress will conduct itself in the coming term. As you know, relations between the parties have been at its all-time low. Bickering, threats of filibusters and outright contention have permeated the chambers.

In my book “The Pathway to Love” I talk about the four phases of a developing relationship. Relationships pretty much work the same regardless of whether they consist of two people or two parties in a political system. The same challenges exist as two life forces try to work together and move through the phases of a developing relationship.


Congress is definitely stuck in phase two. It is easy to get caught up in needing to win, needing to be right, and becoming paralyzed in deadlock. You may relate, feeling that no matter what you try, you simply can’t find a way for you and your significant other to see things from the same perspective, or at the very least, find a way to resolve your differences that results in a workable solution. You find yourself arguing about the same thing over and over again. You find yourself strategizing on how you can get your other “party” to understand the importance of your position and act accordingly. And finally, when all else fails, you become resigned, wondering if this relationship can survive or even if it even should.  Sound familiar?  Well, I can tell you that the Democrats and Republicans are feeling the same way. We Americans are feeling the same way. And we’re tired and worn out and in need of change.

In honor of all relationships—yours, our Congress’, and our international community—I offer some thoughts on how to break the deadlock.  I don’t know if I can affect world peace but I will impart what I know about relationship dynamics and creating connection out of contempt.

You, your loved ones, and Members of Congress need to

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