Empty Nest To Full House: When Your Kids Move Back Home


empty nest: relationship advice for parents and their adult children
Your kids graduated school and they're moving back home ... now what?

With graduation right around the corner and the economy still lagging behind, many new graduates will be coming home—to stay—at least for a while. And that's not all. Many adults who have been laid off, or who have had difficulty launching their careers, find themselves reluctantly knocking on their parents' door, needing a place to live until they find a way to get back on their feet.

While some parents may welcome the return of their adult children, going from dependent teenagers to independent adult roommates may not be as easy as it seems. Many single parents, and couples as well, find it challenging to lose their sense of freedom and privacy when they've just come to embrace and enjoy their "empty nest." There are many challenges parents face when their adult children return home, including losing their privacy, determining rules of conduct and deciding how to handle household expenses and chores.

As families struggle with these issues more and more, it becomes imperative for them to discuss and determine how to address these issues before their adult children move in. I don't recommend that you "wing it." There are too many important things to discuss and determine before your kid takes occupancy. Once your son or daughter moves in, creating and enforcing agreements gets harder. I suggest you start out with a clear agreement on such things as friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and over-night visits; coming and going all hours of the night; household chores and responsibilities; paying rent; limitations on how long they can stay and the other requirements for their stay, such as looking for work or going to school, helping with the family business, taking care of grandparents and more. Keep reading...

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