Dreams, Desires, and Dirty Laundry


Dreams, Desires, and Dirty Laundry
Dreams are the oxygen that fills our souls. Make your dreams a priority both for yourself and others

Relationships serve many needs. They meet our needs for companionship, connection, and partnership. They provide us help in meeting everyday responsibilities—raising children, preparing meals, running a household, and getting a lift when the car breaks down. They enable us to receive support and love in times of hardship—when we’re sick, broken hearted, or struggling with our own inner demons. And lastly, relationships give us a boost of confidence and motivation to continue to go after our dreams—so that we don’t give up on making those dreams come true, honoring our purpose and passion, taking our desire and turning them into something meaningful for ourselves and others.

We simply can’t do it alone. I have yet to meet anyone who could manage life on their own. Whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, or professionals, we need each other in order to get our basic needs as well as our dream needs met. So it makes sense to develop and nurture meaningful relationships in every area of your life. And while it seems logical to help each other out when someone is sick or needs a ride to work when their car is in the shop, we often dismiss the importance of supporting someone’s dream. At times we may consider someone’s dream frivolous, something irrational that detracts them from their everyday responsibilities. But here is the truth about dreams.


Dreams are the oxygen that fills our souls. Dreams keep us feeling alive. Dreams provide the motivation and momentum to get up in the morning with anticipation about what is possible. And far too often we put our dreams on hold, at the bottom of the priority list, both for ourselves and for the people we love. I think we have it backwards. Yes, I know we still need to take out the trash, get the kids off to school, pay the bills, and be good responsible citizens of the world—but not at the expense of our dreams. Having dreams for a future filled with your heart’s desires cannot be ignored. Sometimes being practical is not the way to go. Living your dreams necessitates risk, faith, and most importantly, support from others.

So here is what I suggest.

Make your dreams a priority. Go after them. You just might find yourself living out your dreams or something even greater than your mind may have thought of. Having dreams creates the momentum for a life yet lived. You deserve it. You will be better for having done so.

Support the people you love in going after their dreams. They deserve it too. Being with someone who fills energized and fulfilled makes for a powerful partnership. Don’t let your fear of the unknown get in your way. Be willing to let go of focusing on your immediate needs and appreciate the bigger picture. Let the people you love know you believe in them, support them, and honor their dreams.

Take a risk. Create an adventure. Go forth into the unknown with excitement and anticipation. Remember, if either of you fall, you have each other to help pick yourselves up and continue on your way. This is how we can truly support one another. This is how we can make our dreams come true together.

Remember, life is more than a load of dirty laundry.

This article was originally published at Julie Orlov . Reprinted with permission.
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