Buyer Beware! They will tell you what you want to hear.


Buyer Beware! They will tell you what you want to hear.
Beware of quick and easy solutions. A great relationship is a process, not a destination.

I was reading an email the other morning promising me yet another perfect and easy solution to my problem. I don’t recall what the problem was but that’s rather irrelevant. I’m sure I have problems that would love a simple and revolutionary solution. There are no short supplies of problems and there are apparently no short supplies of easy and quick fixes—people that will tell you they understand your pain and know how to remove your pain for only three small payments of… you fill in the blank.

We’ve all received emails like these. I’m sure you either signed up for a mailing list or somehow mysteriously became on a mailing list that gives you hope that an answer is out there and it’s only an email away. You may have even signed up for my email (or mysteriously landed on my email—if that’s the case, I apologize) in hopes for the magic answer to your relationship problems. I pride myself on honesty and integrity. So here’s the real truth.


A great relationship is not a destination. A great relationship is a process. The Pathway to Love books and programs provide you with a navigational process from which you can heal, grow, and transform both yourself and your relationships. And yes, I will be able to help you solve some problems along the way. However, there will always be new problems to solve. Evolution is never ending. Life keeps coming. We are always a work in progress. And believe it or not, that is good news.

My goal is to empower you with a process from which you can navigate your own relationships and create your own pathway to love. I don’t make any magical promises. I can’t promise you a life without pain, sorrow, loss, or disappointment. I can’t promise your life will never challenge you. I can’t promise you that your relationships will never challenge you because that is what they are meant to do. That is the nature of life. And that’s also good news.

What I can promise you is to provide you the information, support, tools, and guidance to help you along your way with as much grace and ease as possible. I can promise you honest, helpful feedback. I can quickly illuminate what you need to see so that you can make powerful choices for yourself and your life. This is my commitment to you.

So buyers beware of people selling quick and permanent solutions to complex life issues over which you (and they) have little control. Learn to distinguish those things that you can control versus those things you cannot. Learn to accept and appreciate life’s nature as is. And as much as you would like a magical solution, you know what they say… If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So what can you do next?

1.  Read The Pathway to Love. I promise is will make a difference in how you view and navigate your relationships.
2.  Embrace the journey. Honestly, there are no destinations in life.
3.  Extend Acts of Kindness to others every day. You’ll feel better having done so.

What more can I do for you?

This article was originally published at Julie Orlov . Reprinted with permission.
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