3 Types Of Depression: Which One Rings True For You?

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How to tell whether your depression will pass on its own or if you require professional assistance.

Dysthmia is very common. Some people suffer from it for years; others can feel it release them in a few weeks or months. This type of depression is your wake up call. It tells you that you need to address self-care immediately. It is time to reassess your life and make adjustments so that your well-being, purpose, and passion are reignited.

People can treat low grade depression in a number of ways, including counseling, coaching, taking up a new hobby, taking a vacation and time out from responsibilities, or making significant lifestyle changes. Most of the time low grade depression can be treated without medication.


Talking to the right person, making the right adjustments, and taking time to care for yourself can do the trick. If those actions don't help, then you would benefit from consulting with a mental health professional. How Control Cuts Off Communication

Brad just turned 55. His wife divorced him six months ago and while his children are grown, he feels alienated from them, missing the time spent together as a family. He has tried to date but can't seem to find a woman with whom he relates. He's sure they will reject him as his wife did.

As this is his second divorce, he's beginning to give up on the idea of growing old with someone. The company he works for is not doing well and he is very concerned that he will be next in line when the next wave of lay-offs occurs. He certainly does not have the energy to start a job search let alone consider a career change. Brad feels lost, hopeless, and resigned.

Millions of people suffer from clinical depression like Brad. It's when you feel like life has beaten you down. It is difficult to sleep (or not to sleep), concentrate, and complete your daily responsibilities. Your appetite may be lost or insatiable, your self-esteem is non-existent, and you may find yourself turning to drugs or alcohol to alleviate the emotional pain.

Frequent crying spells are common and you may feel somewhat disconnected from the world. It may have been triggered by a divorce, loss of job, death, trauma (past or present), some other life transition, or simply your biology. Whether these symptoms feel familiar or new, they can be very scary.

Major depression is very difficult to manage on your own. If you find yourself lost in a black hole, please get help. Find a good therapist, doctor, or spiritual advisor you trust. Build a wellness team. The more people you bring on board to treat your depression from a holistic perspective, the sooner you will feel better.

Sometimes medication is called for, but for most people it is only needed in the short-term. Taking the time to explore what triggered the depression can help you heal and prevent the depression from reoccurring.

Please do not be embarrassed. Most people will experience a major depression at one point in their life. More importantly, most people will recover and be better because of it. Emotional Eating: How To Stop Feeding Your Feelings

Depression has a bad rap. Depression, in and of itself, is not bad. Rather, it serves us in many ways. It tells us:

1. Something is out of balance in our lives

2. We are not taking good care of ourselves

3. We are suffering from a loss and need to retreat and grieve

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