Single Moms -- Matchmakers Are Looking For You


Single Moms -- Matchmakers Are Looking For You
Matchmakers are creating balance for busy moms. Success Stories & Mother's Day GIFT for single moms.

Lori is a mom, first and foremost. She never misses her 7 year old's AYSO soccer game or her 10 year old daughter's hip hop performances, she's sculpted her graphic design business around her kids' schedules, she's developed a babysitting co-op in her neighborhood so she can get to the gym, play tennis, and be with her gal pals.

But Dating? Men? A Love Life of any kind? That's what was missing for Lori during the first few years after her divorce. She found her solution for adding dating and romance back into her life, balancing out her hectic busy mom schedule. In honor of Mother's Day she asked that I share her success story with single moms everywhere.


Lori wanted to find her way into a loving relationship but she wasn't meeting the right men. Online dating had been a total bust and she found that months were going by with ZERO romantic activity of any kind. She wanted to do whatever she could to maximize her chances of finding one great guy to "do life with" without compromising her primary role as devoted mom to the kids. One of her favorite TV shows? Millionaire Matchmaker. She started inquiring locally to see if there was a Patti Stanger in her local community.

Lori discovered that smart matchmakers, the best matchmakers -- are really good at developing community, resources...inventory....she learned that it's a really smart idea for her to be privately registered with the best matchmakers in her city and her state, so they can find HER when they're searching.

And that's just what happened for Lori. She researched the local matchmakers and she called me. She learned that she can be a paying Client with us, in which case we're working proactively for her. Also she learned that some agencies (like for example) have a private free-registry option as well as for-fee search packages. She wasn't sure she could afford to hire us to work for her, but she wanted to be sure we could find her when we're searching for our gentlemen clients, so we took the time to get to know her. We helped her complete her private profile, she shared her wish-list for who Her Guy might be, we loaded her photos on her private profile page with us, and she hoped for a call.

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