Feeling Like The Last Single Girl On The Block?

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Feeling Like The Last Single Girl On The Block?
Don’t let your insecurities about finding a mate lead you down the road to depression...

1. Try not to compare yourself to others: People get married for a variety of reasons, and you’ll have your own. If you have waited this long to get married, chances are you are looking for a true partner and true love. You are not marrying because of a need for security or status; you have earned those on your own.

Do not compare yourself to your friends or colleagues; be mindful that comparing can only set the stage for more disappointment.


2. Continue to do what you enjoy: It is easy to lose site of what you enjoy when you feel overwhelmed or disappointed. Remain focused on you and your desires. Do what you enjoy and you will find others who are like-minded which can lead to promising introductions.

3. Communicate with friends and family: It’s good to be open and honest; setting limits is always a great way to go as well. If you are feeling badly about your current single status only to have it pointed out by friends and family, be honest and let them know. It does not have to become a point of focus, but setting limits about this topic can alleviate some undo stress. People are not mind readers, I suggest you let them know how you are feeling about the subject. You might be pleasantly surprised by the understanding and support you receive.

4. Take a time out: Don’t be afraid to take a dating sabbatical. When dating starts to feel like a job, or you have been on so many first dates that you are bored with your own story don’t be afraid to take some time out. You won’t be putting your best dating foot forward if you are in this space. Take some timeout and pamper yourself and recharge.  

Always remember that you’re engaged in the marathon called “life”. There are no shortcuts or fast tracks to happiness; it’s a one-day-at-a-time journey. If you’re finding yourself stuck in negative thinking about finding love, the only trick to know is that gaining some perspective can set you back on course. Talk to people you trust, reach out for help and breathe! Love may be much closer than you think.

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