5 Behaviors that Could Sabotage your Budding Relationship


5 Behaviors that Could Sabotage your Budding Relationship
Newly Dating? Uncover 5 patterns of behavior that could sabotage your goal of finding love.

4) Revealing all your personal (and perhaps negative) information right away. I am not talking about name, address and home phone number; (although, for safety reasons, you should wait before revealing those as well). I am talking about all your personal, private relationship information, family history or even medical information: otherwise known as TMI. Many singles over 40 feel if this information is “uncovered” in the future they would appear disingenuous or as if they were “hiding” something. Once again relationships need time to grow and flourish. You don’t want to scare your potential match off with information he / she might not be prepared to handle upon a first, second or third meeting. Once a relationship is establish and they know you better, then you can introduce more private, personal information. Personal information is better shared once you have developed some trust in the relationship.

5) Having Sex right away. When coaching I ALWAYS advise my clients (men and women) to wait as long as possible for sexual intimacy. Having sex too early in a relationship adds complexities to your relationship often resulting in the conclusion of the relationship sooner rather than later. Once sexual intimacy is introduced, it can cloud your judgment impairing your ability to determine if your date is a good match or not. You could find yourself bound to the intimacy and involved in a relationship that is not healthy or fulfilling. Waiting and taking time can give you the advantage of determining relationship compatibility.



Engaging in any of these behaviors could potentially wreak havoc on your goal of finding love. As always, take things slowly, be mindful of your choices and behaviors, and let the relationship unfold naturally.

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Wishing you a day filled with LOVE! ~ Julianne

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