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Self-Esteem is Overrated - Find Out Why!

Self-esteem is widely regarded as one of the most important values in today’s society. Parents, teachers, and of course we therapists focus our efforts on boosting self-esteem, assuming that high self-esteem will result in many positive outcomes and ...

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4 Tips To Improve Your Communication

We all know we should spend more quality time talking to our partners, but knowing how to have heart-to-heart talks in the busy-ness of everyday life is easier said than done. Couples therapy experts recommend spending a bit of time together every day to ...

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5 Ways You Accidentally Start Fights

Do you ever feel your partner knows just how to push your buttons and off you go? Or no matter what you say, he/she flies off the handle? It's no fun to argue with someone you care about and yet we do it all too often. Even when it seems our partner was starting it, we know there have got to be things we ...

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4 Myths About Online Dating

Recently a reporter interviewed me for a piece they were doing on online dating. At first I was a bit stumped. As a couples therapist I tend to deal with people who already have a partner, and many of my individual therapy clients report a great variety of ...

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The Truth About Lies

As a couples therapist, one situation I’m confronted with often is when a relationship is shaken up by the discovery of a lie. It’s not always infidelity, but that is a classic example. In that first session with a couple who sees me after the discovery of an ...

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Julia Flood

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6-10 years

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Marriage Educator

Marriage/Couples Counselor

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Expiration 11/30/14
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Articles by Julia Flood

Self-Esteem is Overrated - Find Out Why!

Is there a better way than measuring our worth by our performance?

First Date

4 Tips To Improve Your Communication

Remember when you used to talk about everything together? Make it a habit in your daily routine!

fighting couple

5 Ways You Accidentally Start Fights

You may not even realize it at the time.

Yes No Maybe

4 Myths About Online Dating

For those of us tinkering with online dating, it's good to know that everyone else is doing it, too!

Bad Date

The Truth About Lies

Why “not rocking the boat” is a risky approach to handling underlying differences.

Julia Flood

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