The Truth About Lies


The Truth About Lies
Why “not rocking the boat” is a risky approach to handling underlying differences.

In my opinion, “rocking the boat” is probably your best bet to lie-proof your relationship. No doubt, you’re taking a risk by putting yourself out there as well as inviting your partner’s true thoughts and feelings, but keeping a lid on the truth is a much bigger gamble! Taking that risk may be a stretch, but it’s an emotional exercise that brings personal and relational growth.

But what if you’re not sure how you feel? Some of us may need to do some soul-searching to discover what our true desires even are! If you’re in the habit of continuously dismissing your own needs or desires, you might have lost touch with yourself, and will ultimately lose touch with your partner. The longer you wait to “show up” and  show yourself to your partner –  as well as ask about the things that confuse or bother you in their behavior –  the greater the risk that you will cement a conflict-avoidant relationship that will ultimately leave you disappointed and resentful – and possibly lied to.

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