5 Warning Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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Just because he isn't physically violent doesn't mean you aren't being abused.

Now, I don't know your particular situation and cannot tell you if your boyfriend falls into the abuser category. But, if you recognize yourself in these above examples, you should know this is not normal and it's not okay.

So, where do you go from here? Plan your next steps wisely. Educate yourself about emotional or psychological abuse. Seek the counsel of family, friends, clergy, online forums, professional counselors/therapists and other resources local to your town. Are You In A Healthy Relationship?

Keep in mind that abusive behavior typically has a circular pattern, so even if things seem better this week, the tension may soon build up again, eventually erupting into ugly arguments and the cycle begins again. Don't assume that things will get better on their own. Often, they tend to get worse over time and might even cross over into the realm of physical attacks.

Trying to preserve things as they are in the name of harmony is simply not in your best interest.


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