4 Myths About Online Dating


4 Myths About Online Dating
For those of us tinkering with online dating, it's good to know that everyone else is doing it, too!

Finding a partner who fulfills your expectations is one thing, but what about the stability of the relationship? Can online dating provide a stable and lasting partnership, compared to relationships that started offline? The participants in the German study were asked whether they had declared their love to their partner, and whether the couple plans to set up a common household. Neither indicator revealed any important differences between couples who met online or offline.

I don’t believe internet dating is for everyone. As discussed under Myth #2, it takes a certain kind of personality to enjoy the constant interaction, flirtation, and rejection that goes hand in hand with the internet. But at least it’s good to know for those of us that do use the tool that we aren’t the exception, aren’t weird or socially inept, and aren’t completely kidding ourselves when we try to go the online route to find a serious partner.

Study source: SCHMITZ et al.: Myths And Facts About Online Mate Choice. Contemporary Beliefs And Empirical Findings, in: Zeitschrift fuer Familienforschung (Journal of Family Research), Volume 23, Number 3, 2011

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