What is Child Exploitation?Children Exploiting Other Kids (EXPERT


What is Child Exploitation?Children Exploiting Other Kids (EXPERT
Teach children to be aware but not afraid.There are kind, caring adults that will help in bad times.

If, for whatever reason, they are not being protected within their own homes, they need to know that there are other supportive avenues of help available. In that regard, school personnel and other adults who have contact with children must be alert to the visual signs and halting messages of children in trouble.

Aware But Not Afraid


Child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation  can only be as strong and effective in acting on their own behalf as the protective system and the caring adults who are standing behind them.

Use your energy to heal, reassure and love the children in your circle of influence.Help them to be aware of danger but not afraid. Empower them to find solutions or help in all of life's scary moments.

Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. Were you exploited as a child?
  2. How did you resolve the trauma?  Have you resolved the sexual abuse trauma?
  3. Will you reasure and help heal others who have been explited that there is help available?


This article is taken from a new book on protecting our children from sexual abuse being written by Judy H Wright, parent educator, author and international speaker on “finding the heart of the story in the journey of life.” For more information on this and other books by Mrs. Wright, please go to http://www.artichokepress.com

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