Is 'Nesting' A Solution For Your Divorced Family?


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Can "nesting" help kids of a divorced family cope better?

For instance, who buys the groceries? Who gets kids to help at chores and do homework? Who decides curfew times for older kids? Who takes the baby to the pediatrician for shots? Are significant others allowed sleeping over privileges?

Recognize that in all families, plans need to be changed, adjusted, tweaked and started again. There is not one right way to do anything and nesting and co-parenting will be filled with opportunities for compromise and adjustments. If the divorce has been a friendly parting of ways and respectful conversation can be had, the family may be able to set up their own rules together. If not, then either a lawyer or a family counselor needs to be involved to make sure that everyone agrees to try to get along and work towards making this transition as easy as possible for all family members.


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Self-Awareness Quiz

1. Is nesting a possible solution that will benefit your children, even though the adults no longer want to live together?
2. Can you and your ex work out a co-parenting plan that will respect the needs of all involved?
3. Are you willing to be the ones in transition so your children will keep the stability of the nest?

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