Encouraging Words To Build Confidence (EXPERT)


Encouraging Words To Build Confidence (EXPERT)
If your words tend to be critical rather than confidence building,you will want to read this article
  •     I’m lucky to know you
  •     You are a pleasure to be around
  •     Thanks for being you
  •     I’m glad you are my friend
  •     I think you are an amazing person
  •     I am glad you are in my (family, workplace, class, group, life)
  •     I thought about during the day and couldn’t stop smiling
  •     I like to sit by you
  •     You are comfortable to be around
  •     Glad you came today, I would have missed you
  •     I really like you
  •     You always seem to understand what people really need
  •     You  make me look at life with more positive eyes
  •     Glad you came today
  •      Hey Mate, you’re a blooming genius (said with an Australian accent)
  •     You are a pleasure to work with
  •     I am really glad you are here today, I feel supported
  •     You mean the world to me
  •     You really tried hard
  •     You figured it out
  •     You’re on your way
  •     Looking good (accompanied by a high five)
  •     You’re a kind and thoughtful person
  •     You really seem to have empathy for others. How did you gain that quality?
  •     Your presence in my life means a lot to me
  •     I knew you could do it
  •     You are catching on.
  •     You are a problem solver
  •     You seem to think of solutions to problems others can’t see
  •     You have the ability to think outside the box
  •     What an imagination
  •     You brighten my day
  •     What a good listener. I really feel heard when I talk to you
  •     I trust you
  •     I have confidence in your ability to find a solution
  •     You have made a great discovery
  •     I respect you
  •     Will you forgive me
  •     I’m so happy for you
  •     That must be very difficult
  •     I am so proud of you
  •     I value your input
  •     You do nice work
  •     You really have an eye for color
  •     I appreciate the way you……………………….
  •     Tell me about your day, job, kids, hobbies,
  •     Tell me how you got your name

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