What Would You Do If You Witnessed Bullying Or A Crime?


What Would You Do If You Witnessed Bullying Or A Crime?
Witnessing crime or bullying situations, some feel powerless to help. Bystanders can add to trauma
  1.  Have you ever seen a bullying situation and were not sure what to do?
  2.  Have you become involved by calling authorities?
  3.  Have you ever had a bully turn on you when you tried to help the victim?
  4.  Have you ever assisted someone after they have gone through a trauma?
  5.  What were you feeling in each of these situations?

Please feel free to answer and comment on these questions. It is good to get a conversation going on how we can empower bystanders and witnesses to crime and bullying. As each one of us steps up to be counted, we can lessen the trauma and drama of those who need assistance.

You can do it. I have confidence in you.


Share your comments below. 

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