Dr. Suess On The Authentic Life: Advice for Politicians


Dr. Suess On The Authentic Life: Advice for Politicians
Can politicians be true to their beliefs? Do they have to be people pleasers? Who is the true you?

Michael is trying to become more authentic and balanced as Dr. Seuss recommends and has adopted an idea from a trusted colleague; "He used a phrase that I thought was excellent, and it has stuck with me: "You need to be more presidential."
Pleasing everyone vs. accepting that you can't please everyone: This is probably the net/net of the whole thing. Can you please everyone? Probably not. Should you please everyone? Probably not. But if you are trying to run a good, healthy, well-regarded, and "happy" business, should you try to please everyone? Again, the answer is still probably not. So it seems to me that being presidential means knowing when to try, when not to, and how to do either and get the desired results.”

Authentic Life and the Real You


Who are you when you are being the real and authentic you?

Self-Awareness Quiz

1. Do you respect it when someone admits they were wrong and they have learned more information to help them take a different position?
2. Are you a people-pleaser and trying to keep peace at all costs? In business is the customer always right?
3. Can you remember how empowered and strong you felt when you were living an authentic life ?

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