Do You Want to Get Married and He Doesn’t? Single Moms(EXPERT)


Do You Want to Get Married and He Doesn’t? Single Moms(EXPERT)
Single moms want and deserve the career, home and family a committed marriage partnership brings.

Marriage or Cohabiting?



Both types of relationships value the belief that partners are there to help to support, love and encourage personal growth in all members of the family.
Then why is the single piece of paper important in establishing commitment? It is because society and most individuals (Okay, so Oprah doesn’t believe it) feel that a marriage is a promise and dedication not only to the other person but to the marriage itself.

The institution of marriage forms the third leg of the stool. This important triangle may give parents an opportunity to forgive small hurts, irritants and rough patches. By focusing on the commitment to the marriage, it will frequently take the edge off arguments and personality clashes.

Marriage is the ultimate of a commitment that one person can make to another person. It shows in word and deed that the vow of marriage is a pledge to be loyal and dedicated to the welfare of the other partner and the children in the family.

Engaged and Empowered

I remember as a young college coed the pressure to “get the ring.” It was an expectation by society and family that a girl would get married and maybe have a career. That is no longer true and most women, like our daughters, fully expect to work and contribute emotionally and financially to marriage and child care.

They are intelligent, beautiful women, who are like other women I meet in parenting classes and conferences. They want the job, family and a ring.

They want and deserve to move forward in all aspects of life. They want commitment and partnership from the men they love and a strong male role model for their children.

Self-Awareness Quiz
1. Do you feel that cohabitating has the same bond of commitment that marriage has?
2. How do you think children handle a long-term committed relationship with an adult who loves the Mom?
3. Do children feel abandoned by adult relationships that do not work out?

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