6 Instant Self-Esteem Boosters When You Get Dumped (EXPERT)


If you have been dumped personally or professionally, your self-esteem starts to fall. Boost it up.

5. Forgive yourself and your offender. I know, not easy to do. Can you go back to the list of disappointments and mistakes documented in step one and write across each thing on the list “I forgive you and will let the experience make me a better person.” Perhaps you can only do it for half the list or it takes a year or two, but that person negatively influenced your past. Are you willing to allow them to harm your future or put a lid on your capabilities?

6. Take action. Being dumped can really hurt your self-esteem and you feel stuck. The only way to feel unstuck is to get moving. Make a positive call. Go for a walk and smile at everyone. Re-structure your resume. Lose some weight. Take a yoga class. Buy a new shirt. Do anything that moves you forward and gets you out of the hole.


The Universe rewards movement and just by taking these six steps you will find your energy, self-esteem, confidence and well-being returning to balance. I have confidence in you and know that you are a good, worthwhile person who has much to share with the world.

Please accept my gift of an eBook on the power of words at http://www.UseEncouragingWords.com and remember you have choices. I hope you will choose to join our global community of kind, thoughtful people who want respect for all. You will find the sign-up at http://www.judyhwright.com

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