5 More Tips To Connect and Communicate With Your Kids (EXPERT)


5 More Tips To Connect and Communicate With Your Kids (EXPERT)
Here are 5 more ways to connect with your kids, even when they seem uninterested. Maybe new ideas?
  •   Give Children a voice and a choice. If your goal as a caring adult is to help your child to help themselves, then you need to allow them to make choices, and sometimes learn from their mistakes. There are lots of ways to encourage kids to communicate and connect with the family. Check out the affordable and effective parenting books at http://amzn.to/kindlebyjudy You will be glad you did.You are not going to allow them to choose whether they will attend school or not, or whether to jump off the roof into the bushes or the concrete. You are going to guide them to have responsibility for their choices. Instead of “put this green shirt on and let’s go, we are late again.” Say “do you want Cheerios or yogart with fruit for breakfast? Maybe tomorrow if we get up earlier, we can make ham and cheese omelets, but today you get to choose between Cheerios or Yogurt.”


  •   Encourage the process, rather than praising the product. It is often easy for parents to praise, praise, praise or criticize, criticize criticize. Neither one gets the result we are hoping for. Praising lavishly everything a child does gives them an unrealistic view of life.

Never give up. Just keep trying to find ways to build strong connections of communication with your kids.


I have confidence in you and your ability to touch the hearts of those you love in gentle and supportive ways. For more support, be sure to sign up for the free e-zine at http://www.askauntieartichoke.com You will be glad you did.



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