3 Ways To Build Confidence & Acceptance (EXPERT)


3 Ways To Build Confidence & Acceptance (EXPERT)
It is hard to see your child struggling with doubts & disappointment. Share ideas for resiliency.

Shame and guilt create confusion and self-doubt. They are difficult and destructive emotions for all humans to overcome. If your method of discipline is shame, blame or guilt, please go to http://www.DisciplineYesPunishNo.com for many methods that are more effective and don’t break the spirit of the child.

  • Take or Make Time to Listen. Sometimes it feels impossible to find time to uninterrupted moments to listen to your child. It is essential for a child to get the opportunity to talk to each parent individually, especially in single-parent, blended or divorced families. Communicate regularly every single day.

If it is only five minutes before bed, let your child know that time is special and you will not lecture, blame or threaten, but just listen. Trust me on this one. You will never be sorry that you did not dismiss a confidence sharing time in order to lecture about dirty clothes on the floor.


Self-Awareness Quiz

  1. Do you accept that you will have areas of weakness and strength in your talents? Claim your eBook at http://www.UseEncouragingWords.com to help yourself and others be positive about life.
  2. Will you build self-confidence in yourself and your children by concentrating on the strengths and managing the weak areas?
  3. Will you take or make time to listen with your heart, ears and eyes when your child is sharing concerns?

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Judy Helm Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, the storytelling trainer is an author of over 20 books. She speaks internationally on topics of resilience, family relationships and empowerment. To contact her to speak for your conference or organization call 406-549-9813 or see http://www.judyhwright.com

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