3 Top Ways To Make An Extra $200 This Weekend (EXPERT)


3 Top Ways To Make An Extra $200 This Weekend (EXPERT)
What could you do to make an extra $200? There are lots of ways to generate cash in a hurry. Try it.

It is getting competitive to get into art shows and craft venues, so plan ahead and have your products ready to go.

PS: Stand up and greet every person with a smile. You want them to buy your products as a gift, so give them a gift of being proud of your product.


3. Do services for others.  In my blog posts, I am going to go into greater detail about the many ways you can profit from doing something you like to do that others don’t.  Most people take it for granted they are handy, organized, good cooks, know how to clean a house, wash windows, plan a party, clean a garage, detail a car etc.

Trust me, not everyone knows how to do those things and would willing pay to have you perform your service for their benefit.

A nephew has a small pickup and advertised that “Have Muscles & Truck-Will Help You Move” He worked during the week, but could usually pick up a couple of hundred on a Saturday helping people move from one house to another.  He even sub-contracted with his girl friends to help people pack for a fee.

See Solutions Where Others See Problems

What could you and your family do to bring in an additional $200 this weekend?  Brainstorm some ideas, set an intention and get to work.  We all have choices and those who are happiest in life are those who choose to be pro-active and go after their goals.

You can do it. I have confidence in you. Be sure to claim your free ebook on Using Encouraging Words.  You will be glad you did.

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