3 REAL Ways to Love Your Body This Summer (EXPERT)


3 REAL Ways to Love Your Body This Summer (EXPERT)
Do you need some suggestions on how to love your body this summer no matter what shape you are in.

3 REAL Ways to Love Your Body This Summer


With summer upon us, our body image (what we see ourselves as) can easily turn REAL negative, especially for women. Summer is the season of sun, fun, friends and outdoor activities…. All which typically require a bathing suit or clothing that tends to expose areas that are easily hidden by our winter wardrobes!

As a mother of daughters and from many clients, I have come to recognize that many women put too much emphasis on body image and too little emphasis on just having fun and relaxing in the Summer.

You are far to good to allow your positive body image to fly out the window, merely because the sun has decided to show its face! Take this season by the horns and challenge yourself to find ways to love your body (as well as yourself) for things other than what you may or may not look like in a skimpy string bikini! Here are 3 REAL ways to love your body this summer:


1. Write down a list of what your body allows you to accomplish on a daily basis.

Yes, admit it. Your body is an amazing machine. Even when neglected, your body allows you to do thousands of things well on a daily basis. What accomplishments are you most thankful for? It can be as simple as allowing you to step in and out of the shower to keep up your hygiene or as complex as allowing you to compete in a half-marathon with a family member. Whatever it may be, the key to realize and appreciate how much your body does for you on a daily basis.

Be sure to thank your body for the many things it allows you to do and the amazing engineering that causes it to work so well, most of the time.


2. Find an outdoor activity that you’ve always wanted to try and then get out and do it!

Often we are the ones that end up holding ourselves back from what we want. Have you always wanted to go rock climbing? Have you talked about getting a group of friends together for evening walks? This is the time to do it! The outdoor activity you choose doesn’t have to burn 500 calories an hour or even cause you to break a sweat.

One of the keys to loving your body is recognizing that it is your vehicle to do the things you’ve always wanted. Stretch just a bit out of your comfort zone and you will find yourself in a "new normal." If you used to walk one mile, try two this week.

If you are looking for fun, free things to do with your family check out

3. Take 5 minutes to reflect. Each evening think about the  day’s events and how each one made your body react.

You can recount the day’s events mentally or by keeping a journal. The key to this activity is to reflect on particular parts of the day and recognize your body’s reaction to them. Did you feel better or worse after eating?

For example, if you splurged on a McDonald’s breakfast burrito on the way to work (because you were extremely tired) – think back to how you felt after eating the burrito. Chances are – you probably sluggish and even more tired.

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