The Pros & Cons Of Your Time On Facebook


The Pros & Cons Of Your Time On Facebook
Evaluate your Facebook time. Does it make you feel happy and connected, or sad and lonely?

• Are you staying in touch or avoiding people? It’s one thing to stay in touch with people who live 1500 miles away via Facebook. It’s another thing when the person lives around the corner. Sometimes we all do this: post something we did or dash off a message instead of having an extended interaction with someone. Sometimes is the key word here. If this is something you do all the time to avoid seeing people or having conversations with people, you probably want to ask yourself what that’s about.

Positive psychology 101: people need people. We need the social support and we need the engagement. The support you get on-line is not equivalent to the support you get with face-time. It’s just not as helpful.

Conduct an evaluation of  your Facebook usage and the outcomes. Does the time leave you happier, or sadder, connected or lonely? Do the math and make a wise choice about how much time is enough Facebook time, and how much is enough face-time.

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