How Do You Respond To Compliments?


How Do You Respond To Compliments?
Know how to receive compliments graciously.

It's fine to ask for feedback, but don't overdo it.  Set your own standards for judging the quality of your work and your style. When you meet those criteria, say to yourself, "That's good!"  Give yourself permission to know when you've done well and tell yourself so.

Tips: What to Say When Someone Compliments You


A sincere compliment is a gift and often a sign of appreciation and admiration. When you get a compliment, here are a three ways to respond:

  •  Look that person in the eye and say, "Thank you," with true gratitude.
  • Share how it feels.  Say something like, "It feels good to be appreciated," or "I'm glad I could do this."
  • Acknowledge the giver. "It means a lot that you would tell me this," or "I value your opinion."

Get the best of both worlds.  Learn to validate your actions from the inside and happily receive praise from the outside. Like yourself enough to recognize when you do something well.  Then revel in the kudos, bask in the acclaim, and smile through the accolades! 

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