6 Tips On Giving The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever


Valentines Day Gift Ideas: 6 Tips On Giving An Amazing Gift
Figure out your partners Valentine's Day love language and take it from there.

6) Incorporate Learning Something Together
Is your love outdoorsy? Learn how to kayak, paddle board or rock climb together. Are they into cultural activities? Learn about an artist that is being featured at a local museum or gallery and take them on an intimate tour with you as their guide. Follow up the tour by giving them a card with a photo of the artist's work on the front so they can remember the experience. Do they appreciate a particular genre of music? Get tickets to see the concert and arrange for a backstage visit to meet a member or two of the band, orchestra or symphony. Do they appreciate good food and wine? Go to a cooking or wine tasting class together. If you are lucky to live near any wineries, find a winery or two that will give you a personalized tasting, tour and allow you to linger on their grounds to enjoy a picnic you brought. Would you like to sweep her off her feet? Sign up for some personalized dance lessons. It’s a skill you will enjoy for the rest of your lives together. The sky is the limit as there are always new things to learn.

If you've just begun dating and feel like this relationship has long-term potential, I suggest you should up your game on this first Valentine's Day. (But beware if this is one of the first gifts you are giving her/him it may just be your last if you are totally off-mark.) The longer you have been in relationship, the more creativity you should put into the gift or experience you are giving. It's opportunities like this that allow you to strengthen your relationship's foundation by creating shared positive memories. Wherever you are on the spectrum of relationship, if you give a gift to someone special this Valentine's Day make the time and effort to personalized it and make it memorable then chances are you as the giver will be as happy as the recipient will be to receive it.

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