Maybe The Problem With Your Relationship Is In Your Glasses


Maybe The Problem With Your Relationship Is In Your Glasses

The Blinders

Horses wear them so they don’t get distracted during a race, but sometimes women inadvertently put blinders on when going out with a new guy. If you’ve been ignoring the fact that Mr. Wonderful is merely separated from his wife rather than divorced, that he has five children with four different women, or that he’s reluctant to introduce you to his friends, you may be wearing a pair yourself.

While it’s true that no man (or woman) is perfect, some issues should be deal breakers in any relationship. If you continually find yourself attracted to men who are unavailable, you might want to work at removing your own blinders so you can clearly see the obstacles in your path.

When is the last time you inspected your eyewear when it comes to the guys you choose to date? Take a hard look at your last few relationships and ask yourself if you just weren’t seeing things clearly in the early stages, and I bet you’ll find that quite often, it’s your own vision that’s off. Get a new prescription, and you’ll soon find yourself in a satisfying relationship with a man who isn’t hiding anything.

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