Does Your Husband Feel Emasculated?


How marriage can suddenly change a man's perception of himself.

Men no longer have clearly defined roles in marriage. Our testosterone laden brains function differently than estrogen created brains, and we actually crave clarity of roles to help us flourish. Women thrive on collaboration. Men thrive on solving.

I am not preaching that we go back to the stone age. I am suggesting that happier marriages begin with a discussion about what your women's expectations are from us, and setting up clear, but flexible roles within your little slice of heaven. Make sure to revisit the agreement regularly since our thoughts about marriage change as we grow and age. 7 Places to Meet Your Boyfriend or Husband This Year


Finally, we know women are super competent, and don't 'need' us in the traditional sense but feeling wanted is pretty darn awesome for us, too. Not that we were taught to tell you that. The men in my caseload over the past six years have consistently echoed the desire to feel needed and important. We want to believe that our opinions are relevant and meaningful.

Yes, we still have to work at it, ghosts and all, but it's a good starting point. I consult with men and couples in the Los Angeles area to help them attain more fulfilment in their relationships. To find out more about my services, click here.

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