3 Keys to Make Your New Year's Resolution To Lose Weight Stick!


3 Keys to Make Your New Year's Resolution To Lose Weight Stick!
Don't let another year go by living with that same old frustrating struggle with your weight!

Do note that ALL of this is driven by your mind. Your current mindset is 90% of your problem. Conversely, it's 90% of the solution, once you get a weight loss mindset!

A second key of getting your New Year's Resolution to lose weight to stick is that you must make a firm decision to change. Nothing will change until you decide that it shall, and the very best decision you could ever make for yourself is the decision to learn exactly how to get a weight loss mindset!

Interestingly enough, that decision must come first, even though you do not know how to change your mindset. How do you know you don't know how? Because if you could have done it you already would have! It would have been clearly evident to you years ago that diet and exercise is only 10% of the solution.

Finally, a third key to getting your New Year's Resolution to lose weight to stick is that you need to take specific action with a step-by-step proven system for getting that weight loss mindset!

I cannot stress this enough for you (I said I'd tell you the truth!) - It's your MIND that leads your body. Always.

How can you know for certain? Do this now: Raise your arm above your head while repeatedly thinking the thought, like a mantra, "keep my arm in my lap".

What happened? In order to raise your arm above your head you have to think the thought first. So you see, it's your mind that is driving you to overeat, stuff yourself, hide food, binge, eat at night, and compulsively overeat. Even if you are not consciously aware of the words you are "speaking" in your mind, since your mindset includes much more than only words (that's why "positive thinking" alone does not create a weight loss mindset).

Now you're probably asking, "But why do I do all of these things to myself when I really don't want to? Especially when I'm so smart and successful, except for this one area of my life? Why can't I just tell myself to stop it!"

Well, you've likely told yourself to stop eating hundreds of thousands of times throughout your life, haven't you. The problem is that there's that other part of you that is also thinking thoughts, thoughts like, "Oh, just forget it, I'm already fat/overweight/frustrated/fed up, so let's just eat that whole pizza. Who cares anyway!"

It's a complicated thing to work out, which is why it's so difficult to do on your own. However when you work with a step-by-step proven system and have the accountability and guidance of an expert mindset mentor then believe it or not, you can leave all of that struggle behind you.


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