Resolution Solution


Saturday, January 16, 2010 • 2:00 - 5:00 PM

What are the goals that you would like to accomplish in the new year? Consider how you are right now in your life and how you want to be. Do these two pictures of yourself connect? It is easy to get distracted and lose sight of the important goals in your life with the stressful demands of family, friends, job and community. But what is it that you really want? How do you see your future unfolding?

In this highly interactive workshop, psychotherapist and yoga teacher John Sovec will help you to define the future that you want. Learn how to shake off your nagging doubts, create doable goals and a plan to accomplish them, let go of negative voices and find the allies you need to succeed in 2010. You¹ll learn to:

• Set manageable goals

• Recognize procrastination and ways to overcome it

• Manage a positive self-image to build creative energy

• Discover the value of small action in realizing big dreams

$45 until 1/16/2010; $50 day of workshop

Space is limited! Pre-registration required. Call (626) 403-3961 for more information or to pre-register.