5 Ways to Practice Self-Love When Planning Your Wedding


5 Ways to Practice Self-Love When Planning Your Wedding
Becoming a Bridezilla? Read these tips for taking care of yourself and partner before your wedding.

4. Move your body. For Mara movement is key. “If I were going to re-do my wedding, the one thing that I would make an absolute priority is moving my body every day. Not because I wanted to ‘look good for the big day,’ but because getting married is a big, exciting, and enormously overwhelming event in your life.”

Exercise gets us out of our heads and reduces our anxiety and stress levels, she says. “Plug into active ways that you can love and support yourself, so that your overall emotional experience of your big day will be grounded deeply in love and care for yourself.”


5. Focus on how you want feel. According to Anna,”Rather than turning your attention to the external rules of a diet, focus on the internal — feeling how you want to feel.”

And remember to keep coming back to the significance and purpose of the event: your relationship. Your wedding day is about your love and commitment. It’s about becoming a family, and having fun.

So even though the pressures are real, consider shifting your perspective to the joyous event and what it signifies.

As Anna says, “I wanted my wedding and wedding planning time to be about love and celebration — not forcing myself to change for some arbitrary and external reason. Needless to say, I’m happy I went with love!”


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