10 Ways To Prevent Couples Counseling


10 Ways To Prevent Couples Counseling
Want to stay out of the therapist's office? Read these ways to nurture your relationship instead

I know several people who have said that they do their best thinking while exercising, which can result in your thinking through problems and coming up with solutions that may not have otherwise come to mind.

  • Give back to your community. You and your partner can do this as a couple, or individually. Either way, it takes the focus off you and puts it on others, where you can do some good and help yourself feel better as well.
  • Take time for yourself. As I’ve said in many previous posts, caregiving is hard. Self-care is essential. Only when you are at your best can you help others, and that means taking time to pursue things that are interesting, fun, and rejuvenating for you.
  • Let go of resentment. Holding on to old hurts is not healthy or productive. Bringing them up during arguments is even less effective. Radically accepting that something isn’t the way you want—whether it is from your past or in the present—can bring peace and allow you the freedom to keep moving forward. Forgiving does not necessarily mean forgetting, nor does it mean you condone or endorse whatever happened. It just means you are choosing to not let the resentment dictate your feelings.
  • Look for the positive. Optimists are happier. You may not be able to look on the bright side 100% of the time, but even a small increase in looking for the positive, versus dwelling on the negative, can make a difference. When was the last time you complimented or thanked your partner?
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