How Do You Know You're Keeping Your Love Alive?


How Do You Know You're Keeping Your Love Alive?
I look at how work and family stresses impact couple closeness and offer some helpful suggestions

So, the trick is how to keep the spark that was there early on in your relationship alive. We can’t expect the headlong rush into each other’s arms that drove us to heights of passion and joy to be there all the time, and if it was we wouldn’t get anything done. Also, as we age the hormones that drove that intensity naturally diminish. Add triangles and the intensity can drop even more. I wonder if you have some suggestions. Some marriage counselors suggest that partners “gift” each other on certain days of the week, each gift being an expression of how you value your significant other. Whether it’s flowers, candy, a backrub, drawing a bath, being tender or going out to dinner alone, there needs to be some form of energy that can rocket through the daily chores of family and work life that reassures your partner that he, or she, is loved and is number one in your heart. I like to refer to this as “bond maintenance.”

What can you suggest?

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