America Accepts Cohabitation!


America Accepts Cohabitation!

• In late 2005, 21% of families in Finland consisted of cohabitating couples (all age groups). Of couples with children, 18% were cohabitating. Of ages 18 and above in 2003, 13.4% were cohabitating. Generally, cohabitation amongst Finns is most common for people under 30. Legal obstacles for cohabitation were removed in 1926 in a reform of the Finnish penal code, while the phenomenon was socially accepted much later on among non-Christian Finns.

• In the UK, 25% of children are now born to cohabiting parents.


• In France, 17.5% of couples were cohabiting as of 1999.

Cohabitation in the Middle East is rare unless you have a “sex slave!

• The cohabitation rate in Israel is less than 3% of all couples, compared to 8%, on average, in West European countries.

• Cohabitation is illegal, living in sin according to Islamic law, with one exception: sexual relations between a female slave and a male master are allowed.

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