What I've Learned From Pole Dancing


The last thing I learned is that sexy is a
state of mind.  I’ve known this for
awhile now, but dancing has reinforced it for me.  I realized that when I’m in class, I’m usually
too worried about learning the next move to really enjoy being in my body and
moving to the music.  I get stuck in my
head about the mechanics of the whole thing, and when I look at myself in the
mirror I realize that I’m moving stiffly and mechanically.  Once I get the next move, I’m able to be more
in my body.  Then when I get home and
practice what I can, I’m much more relaxed. 
I take the time to listen to the music and really move with it.  I feel sexy, and it shows.  That state of mind makes me feel better about
my 42 year old body, regardless of what the scale says.  It makes me feel better about myself in a
“yeah, I’ve still got it” kind of way.  More
importantly, it helps me to love myself more. 
Women tend to pick on ourselves for physical imperfections, and that
gets worse as we age.  Dancing, both the
classes and the home practice, is reminding me that there is a lot to love
about being in a female form, pulsating with the creative energy inherent in

And yes, I am trying to figure out where I
could install a pole in my home. 

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