Variety is the Spice of Life


Variety is the Spice of Life
If its true, then the way we approach romantic relationships ensures their failure from the start

     Variety comes in all flavors, too.  Monogamy is a choice; if it’s a conscious choice that you willingly make then good for you.  That’s one flavor.  I’m not judging it; in fact it worked just fine for me for a long time.  I’m suggesting that if it’s not fine with you, don’t judge yourself because you want to choose something else.  There are lots of flavors, from mild to spicy.  You can pick the one that works for you, or the one that works for you and your partner.  Start talking with him or her about what you each want.  Sometimes that’s all you need to spice things up.  And if you try something that doesn’t work the way you expected, just choose another flavor.

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