Understanding the Third Stage


Understanding the Third Stage

     The intention of the third stage of a relationship is to remember who we really are.  It is to help us access the limitless, divine spark of the Creator within each of us.  That can happen while washing the dishes, or mowing the lawn.  But it is in those moments of vulnerability, those moments of exposing our heart to another; those intimate moments of love, where it is most possible.  In those moments, it seems profane to barter, or even to rush to some destination, no matter how good it might feel.  In those moments, we can use the breath to enter into our own sacredness.  We follow our breath, we use our eyes—the windows of the soul—to connect deeply with our partner, and we open our hearts wide.  We merge, not just with the body of our beloved, but with the entire ocean of consciousness.  We lose ourselves, but not really.  The French call orgasm “le petit mort”, the little death.  In those moments, we die to the illusion that we are individuals, mere mortals, and we re-member our true selves.

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