Talk Your Way To Better Sex


better sex
YourTango's recent survey busts the myth that we fight about sex and money. Here's the real scoop!

You can't be responsible for or worried about how your partner will respond to your vulnerability.

  • Take responsibility for yourself. Own your part in the dynamic you want to change. Admit to your partner that you have responded to his behavior with retaliatory behavior, and commit to changing your part in the dynamic. Only about 7% of communication is the actual words spoken; 93% is other stuff. Pay attention to that 93%. How are you speaking? What does your body language say? Follow up your words with actions. 7 Relationship Resolutions For 2012
  • Actions speak louder than words. This is especially true for men, who tend to be more action oriented than women, who are more emotion oriented. If you say you want to be more intimate with your partner, initiate contact. Hug him when he gets home, initiate more non-sexual touch.

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