Supernova 2010: Find Your Soulmate


3.      Say NO to anyone who does not possess
these three qualities.  That means stop
the booty calls and the casual dating. 
It also means that if you’re with someone who doesn’t possess your three
Absolute Yes’s, it’s time to end the relationship (unless your partner is
working toward possessing and expressing them).

Once you are clear and focused on what must
be present in your partner, the Universe will begin sending you people who
match your request.  Usually, the first
match isn’t quite right.  It will give
you an opportunity to become even clearer about what you want, and it will give
you the opportunity to say NO to someone who’s not a perfect match.  Once the Universe realizes that you’re
serious, you’ll get what you expect.

Turn inward, gathering your energy into your
core essence. Let go of what no longer serves you.  Once you’re focused, turn that brilliant
energy back out into the world and watch what magnetizes to you.  In 2010, be a supernova.

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