Oh Ashton Kutcher, Say It Ain't So!


Ashton Kutcher
Another celebrity allegedly cheats and blows up his marriage. Is it inevitable? I say NOT.

The reality is that successful relationships require work to keep them going. In other words, DON'T take your partner for granted. DO remember to tell her she's beautiful. DO remember to thank him for fixing the kitchen sink. DON'T let all of your conversations revolve around the kids and work. DO make time for sex at least twice a week, and change it up every once in a while to keep it exciting. DON'T assume that because it's not perfect, it's not right and can't be fixed. As we were reminded on Twitter, you know what happens when you assume. And lastly, DON'T assume you have to (or even can) fix your problems by yourself. That's what relationship coaches and couples counselors are here for. Use us! 

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