Managing Resistance


2.      Acknowledge what you can change and the
things over which you have no control. 
This step is critical to releasing the energy of resistance; we take on
responsibilities that don’t belong to us while shirking our responsibilities to
ourselves.  Reversing that pattern enables
you to stand in your power.

3.      Enlist support for yourself.  We’re not meant to do this alone.  Call on a friend or family member who can support
you unconditionally, or hire a coach or a therapist.


4.      Make a plan for moving forward and take
authentic action, even if it’s baby steps. 
Maybe you want to leave your partner but can’t figure out how to
realistically do it.  Figure out one
thing you can do to make the situation more bearable in the meantime.  Speak up for yourself, perhaps by insisting
s/he take on more responsibility around the house. 

5.      Take time for yourself every single
day.  You deserve at least an hour of
alone time each day.  Use it to exercise,
journal, meditate, or read something inspiring. 
This time alone will help you recharge your emotional and physical
batteries, and it sends a strong signal to the Universe that you believe you
deserve to be treated well. 

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