How Well Do You See Yourself?


1.      Sit quietly for a few minutes and think
back to your childhood and early adulthood.

2.      Make a list of 5-10 significant
experiences you had that had a negative impact on you.  The experience itself may not have been
significant, but the impact was.


3.      Make a list of 5-10 significant
experiences that had a positive impact on you. 

4.      For each experience, write a sentence
about what you made that experience mean about you.  (i.e. When I was 5, my dad told me I was too
big to play with my sister on the seesaw. 
I wandered off to play alone and was very sad.  I made it mean I didn’t belong; I felt
isolated and alone.)

5.      From these early experiences, you
created a story about who you are.  How
does this story play out in your life now? 
How did these experiences shape who you are and how you relate to others
in relationship?  Write down your
insights and observations.

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