How Evolved Is Your Relationship?


How Evolved Is Your Relationship?

In the third stage, love just IS. We do something for our beloved for the sake of love, even when we might not feel like it.  We do things to honor love, and to express love.  And we are safe enough in our own self-love that even if what we do falls on deaf ears or a closed heart, it doesn't matter; we are fulfilled with love. If our loving acts are not acknowledged or reciprocated, we don't consider them wasted.

In the third stage, we learn how to fall in love with our own selves.  If we seek change, it's in ourselves, and it's to further improve the quality of our lives. We challenge ourselves to grow not because we think we are "less than" but because we want to be more authentically who we really our.  We see the innocence of our beloved and work to improve our own selves. And magically, when we change ourselves, those around us either change or move away.

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