Getting Ready for Grown-Up Sex


Getting Ready for Grown-Up Sex



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What can we do about shifting our attitudes
and consciousness about sexuality to overcome the limitations and conditions we’ve
allowed ourselves to settle for?  Fear,
insecurity, ignorance and complacency are four major reasons people don’t
approach sex in a fully conscious way. 
Any of these for reasons, combined with our society’s general frame of
reference for sexuality, are enough to prevent us from evolving as sexual
beings.  With a little attention and
practice, they can all be overcome.

Sexuality, and specifically our sexual
relationships, can help us to know and like ourselves better.  Sex can be a way for us to tap into our
divine nature and to flow with the life force of the Universe.  Our society doesn’t have a model for that
kind of sexuality, but we’re beginning to create one. This new model of
sexuality uses sex as a vehicle through which we can become more enlightened,
closer to our authentic selves, and experience a deeper connection with our
romantic partner.  If offers an
opportunity for couples in long term, committed relationships to deepen their
connection and reignite the sparks of passion that brought them together in the
first place.  

To create this new model of sexuality, we
need to break out of the four prisons that keep us from connecting with each
other in deep and meaningful ways.

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