Five Danger Signs for Divorce


Five Danger Signs for Divorce

5.      Not asking for what they need:  when one partner feels like they do the lion’s share of the work, that person will begin to feel resentful of the other partner.  If you can’t ask for the help you need, the situation will go from bad to worse.

Making the transition from marriage to divorce can be done without hating each other.  It requires a certain level of maturity on the part of both partners, and an understanding that marriage is a crucible for personal development.  Partners come together to learn certain things about themselves, and to grow emotionally and spiritually.  When we can honor the possibility that we come together for these reasons, we can begin to honor the person who assisted us with learning the lessons. 

Part of the pain and suffering that women experience at the end of a marriage is the death of a fantasy.  Instead of living in the fairy tale world of “till death do us part”, if we look at marriage as the crucible it really is, we can heal more quickly, learn our lessons and move on.  Prince Charming is a myth.  And by the way, so is the perfect princess.

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