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One of the best bits of advice I’ve ever
received was from my high school French teacher.  In the upper left hand corner of the
blackboard, in small letters, he had written “Don’t Think” at the beginning of
the year.  I was a little intimidated by
him (he had a reputation for throwing chalk at students who weren’t paying
attention) so it took me awhile to ask him what he meant by the phrase.

He said that your brain tends to get in the
way of what your mind really knows when you’re trying to master something
new.  With a few additional years of
wisdom under my belt since then, I realize what powerful advice it is.  Not only does your brain get in the way of
what your mind knows, it also gets in the way of what your body knows, and
that’s when you can get into serious trouble.

Your body has an innate wisdom.  My friend Dave knows this:  one of the first times we met, we were
talking about how to make an important decision.  Dave said, “Flip a coin.  Seriously, it works every time.  Not because you necessarily follow the head
or the tail, but because your body will let you know if it’s the right decision.”  I’ve used that method many times over the
past several years, and it works every time.

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