In Defense of Orgasms


I’ve had that kind of orgasm exactly once in my life.  I was fully clothed, in a room with a hundred other people, staring into the eyes of a complete stranger.  It gave whole new meaning to the phrase, “Holy Fuck!”  Although it was a peak and as yet unrepeated experience, it did forever change the orgasms I have on a regular basis.  Even the quickies are more satisfying now, and even when I don’t have a traditional orgasm, it’s because the rest of the experience is intensely more pleasurable than just the last act.    

The problem I see with Robinson’s work is that most people aren’t ready for it.  She gives a number of exercises designed to lead people there on a physical level, but she doesn’t clearly state that the purpose of this kind of orgasm is union with the Divine.  She doesn’t give guidance (nor do I think that kind of guidance is effective in a book form) about the spiritual component of the work.  Her instructions left me thinking, “Why would I want to do this?”  And I’ve experienced it—I do know why I’d want to do this!  I really felt she missed the spiritual and evolutionary aspect of the process.

Her biggest argument is that all of the cranky, disconnected behavior that causes couples to eventually separate is caused by a hangover from the orgasms.  The way I look at it, if you don’t want the hangover, keep having orgasms. 

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