Community Blog: 6 Common Marriage Myths


Community Blog: 6 Common Marriage Myths

6. The Myth of the Soul Mate. So often women asking me when and how they can meet their soul mate.  They say it as if there is one perfect person for them somewhere out there.  It’s not true.  We all have more than one soul mate.  Soul mates are members of our soul family.  We incarnate at the same time to help each other learn the lessons we came here to learn.  Soul mates can be romantic partners, but not all are.  You can have more than one romantic relationship with a soul mate; each will have agreed to help you with a specific challenge.  One might teach you to respect yourself, perhaps by disrespecting you until you say, “no more!”  Another might remind you that you are worthy, or safe.  Each one will help to lead you home to the deep love in your heart.

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