Communication Breakdown Part 5


Communication Breakdown Part  5

There’s a really good reason we do this
dance of incongruence.  It’s called FEAR.  Men have their own dance; it’s called
avoidance.  Call it a survival tactic,
but whatever it is, it keeps us from acting before we’re ready.  Readiness is a tricky thing; we never really
know if we’re ready until we’re in the middle of it.  So one day I decided I was ready.

I discovered that as soon as I moved into
the guest bedroom, he started to take me seriously.   Suddenly, he agreed to begin therapy.  He started asking what was missing, and what
I needed from him to be happy. 
Unfortunately (or not, depending on your perspective), it was too
little, too late for me. 


Lesson learned, and the advice I’d like to
pass on to other women who feel like they’re in a similar situation.  When you decide you’re ready, you’ll be ready.  Even if you don’t know how it’s going to work
out, it will.  Say what you mean, and
mean what you say.  Be willing to back up
your words with action, or don’t waste your breath. 

On the flip side, women can learn that men
speak volumes with their actions.  They
may not use flowery prose, but by mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutters,
they’re telling you how much they love you. 
If you’re dating and he doesn’t call often, or finds excuses not to see
you, that’s a different kind of sign. 
Men are wired for actions, not words, but their actions are usually
clear signals if you know how to translate them. 

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