Communication Breakdown Part 5


Communication Breakdown Part  5



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From Glamour magazine, 11
Things Guys Just Don’t Understand about Women,
it seems that the
biggest beef men have with women is that they can’t understand our style of
communication.  Seriously, six of the
eleven things were about communication!

Men and women have very different styles of communication.  I know, newsflash, right?  I’ve been offering some tips to improve
communication between the sexes.  There
are five major differences in communication between men and women, in my
personal experience, and this is the last in the series. 

The fifth major difference is that men hear
actions, they don’t always hear words.  I
sure wish I’d realized that before I told my husband I wanted a divorce for the
first time.  I thought I’d been saying
loud and clear that I wasn’t happy and things needed to change or I would
leave.  But we were still having sex, so
everything was fine as far as he was concerned.

Maybe it’s self-preservation; for the sake
of their sanity they tune out things we say repeatedly that they don’t want to
believe.  But I think it’s more likely
that it’s our fault as women, if you want to place blame somewhere.  We say one thing, but don’t act in a
congruent way to what we’re saying.  In
my case, I kept saying I was unhappy, but I didn’t do anything about it.  I didn’t demand therapy, although I requested
it.  I kept sleeping with him, even as I
felt less and less attracted to him. 

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